What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are stored on the user’s computer that browses the Internet and that, in particular, contain a code that allows the user’s computer to be uniquely identified.

Cookies are installed while browsing the Internet, either by the websites that the user visits or by third parties with whom the website is related, and they allow the latter to know their activity on the same site or on others with which they are It relates this, for example: the place from which you access, the connection time, the device from which you access (landline or mobile), the operating system and browser used, the most visited pages, the number of clicks made and data regarding user behavior on the Internet.

The website is accessible without the need for cookies to be activated, although their deactivation may prevent its proper functioning.

Authorization of the use of cookies.

In accordance with the cookie notice that appears in the footer of the website, the user accepts that, when browsing it, he expressly consents to the use of cookies.

What cookies do we use and what for?

These are the cookies that we use to facilitate web browsing:

  • Cookie to store the user’s language, so the next time the system connects, the page will be displayed in Spanish or English.
  • Cookie to manage payments with paypal. It is only activated if you decide to pay for the transfer through paypal. It does not contain confidential information.
  • External cookie of Google-Analytics to be able to count the visits that the web page receives.

How can I control the cookie preferences ?

Should you decide to change your preferences later through your browsing session, you can click on the “Privacy & Cookie Policy” tab on your screen. This will display the consent notice again enabling you to change your preferences or withdraw your consent entirely.In addition to this, different browsers provide different methods to block and delete cookies used by websites. You can change the settings of your browser to block/delete the cookies. To find out more about how to manage and delete cookies, visit: